MOP0022 Wholesale 15-20cm Large Giant Monster Oyster with Multiple Pearls

MOP0022 Wholesale 15-20cm Large Giant Monster Oyster with Multiple Pearls

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    Mexico,Greece,Russia,India and Brazil can not import oyster,Canada Need Permit

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1.If the shipment is to US with this oyster item,US Customs will ask for the receiver to provide the Wild&Fish License if random inspection is happened .The license can be applied via Wild&Fish Department website and the license fee is $100 which is paid by the buyer(FOB trade terms),the valid time of W&F is one year.

2.There are usually 20-25 pcs of multicolor pearls inside the giant oyster,but it is occasionally that there is no pearl or less than 10 pearls in some oysters ,please let us know and then we can send you some loose pearls with your next order .

3.The pearls are cultured in the monster oyster originally ,so the pearl quality inside are various and it is inevitable that there are even a few of pitted or defect pearls ,the original pearls need to be bleached and polished.

3.Please note that we can only ship this kind of products via Fedex,your order  will not be shipped if you select other shipping method .

4.We will contact you for $29 extra shipping if your address is remote for Fedex,most of remote address are in the UK,Canada,Greece, Australia and other countries stipulated .

5.We can only ship 50 oysters each delivery utmost, in order to make sure you can import successfully ,you'd better order 50 large oysters by separate order .

6.Because there is water inside the fresh of oyster which can not be drain or dryed thoroughly ,the leaking can not be avoid during transportation,please kindly put them into the water with alcohol and formalin or just keep them in the refrigerator .The oysters have been processed by preservative treatment before the delivery,thus the smell is not rotted , but formalin .

7.Oyster with pearls is Custom made order which can not be cancelled,returned or refunded.



Pearl size: Random from 6-7 mm to 9-10 mm approximately ,there are also some seed pearls like 2-3mm which will be more valuable .

Pearl Color: Multicolor .

Pearl Shape: Mixed with rice pearl ,button pearl and near round shape

Gross Weight: 500g approxiately per Piece(Volumn Weight)

There are white, pink, purple and black colors mixed in every pack.  each color with a different meaning of what it will bring to you - health, success, wealth, or love.

2. Using instruction:

Open the pearl mussel , you will find the special color pearl--> pick up the pearl from the mussels--> Hang the cage with pendant/earrings mountings-->make your wish and your beautiful pearl pendants, earrings or rings,etc, jewelries will bring you good luck. 

How to Open Oyster

Use Oyster opener tool

How to keep fresh:

1. At ordinary temperature, it could keep fresh in about 2 years without opening the vacuum bag.  

2. It could keep fresh in 1~2 days after you open the vacuum bag. but you need to use it that day you open the bag,because it couldn't keep a long time without water.

3.if you make them stay with water, and the temperature is about 11~13° C, they could keep about 8~10days!

4.the alcohol should need to put  if you have 55 gallons aquarium, there are 2 ways as follows:

First, using 30%-35% of Edible Alcohol, you could keep it for 3 months. Note: you have to take thing to cover the container, otherwise the alcohol  would volatilize gradually. It will be better if you use the concentratometer to measure.

Second, using 40% of Edible Alcohol, you could keep it more longer time. Note: you have to take thing to cover the container, otherwise the alcohol would volatilize gradually. It will be better if you use the concentratometer to measure.

We have contracted with the jewelry factory. They produce and we sell. We still dealing with other pearl and 925 sterling silver jewelries. For detail infomation pls feel free to contact us. Thank you very much!

Customer Reviews:

by Michele Johnson
Date Added: 01/10/2017
very nice,just as descriped,very happy to receive them!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


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