LFP0005 Free Shipping Wish Pearl,love pearls Mix Wholesale

LFP0005 Free Shipping Wish Pearl,love pearls Mix Wholesale

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Item Name:Wish pearl gift set ,fancy pearl,love pearl

Can Dimension:18 x 10 x 3.5 cm

Freshwater pearls Size : 6-7mm

Freshwater pearl Type :Rice Pearl

Material of Chain and pendent:Alloy    (Sterling Silver one is available )

Customized Order is ok

Your Wish Pearl is all pearl. Whereas the inner core or nuclei of many expensive cultured pearls often consists of up to 90% shell, your Wish Pearl is a cultured pearl that takes a minimum of 3 to 5 years to develop within a mollusks. As the Wish Pearl reaches its final maturity of 5 to 8 millimeters in diameter, the original irritant naturally dissipates, leaving on the pearl itself. Only one of several hundred mollusks develops a quality of size, roundness and luster that qualifies it to be a Wish Pearl. Inside this Wish Pearl package, You'll find that special can with a pearl inside, chain with Pendants and Wish Pearl Booklet. Comes in five different colors. The color will be a surprise to you. 

Material: Genuine freshwater pearl and copper with platinum
Product dimensions: 18 x 10 x 3.5cm
Carton dimensions: 54 x 38.5 x 41cm
N.W.(kg): 16
G.W.(kg): 17

“Pearl of Love” is high-grade fresh water pearl, which takes 3-5 years to gestate inside its mother mussel till its diameter reaches 6.5-7.5 mm. In hundreds of mother mussel screens, there might be only one selection complying with the strict standards in scale, roundness and luster. So far, we have hardly found any “Pearl of Love” all the same with another. 

Surprise: there is a natural shell in the can, inside which there is a natural pearl. Different colors of pearl stand for different meanings. You can take out the pearl and put it into the pendant of necklace! You will definitely bring her surprise!

Confirmation of love: Moonlight Box to experience opening the mussel and taking the pearl out --“Pearl of Love” (pearl necklace)

The meaning of colors of “Pearl of Love”
Pure white (health) -- It indicates that you will have a healthy physique;
Cream-colored (happiness) -- It represents the combination of you two and a happy life ever after;
Peach-colored (love) -- It indicates that you will posses the most romantic love……
Violet (intelligence) -- It means that you will be given more intelligence;
Golden (wealth) -- You will have great wealth.

After opening the “moonlight box”, you will find a mother mussel containing “Pearl of Love”. Once taking out “Pearl of Love” in person, you will discover in surprise how elegant, mellow and bright it is. Plus the free offer of a silver necklace 17cm long and the pendant of the same quality, with which you’re with happiness.

1. Make a wish before opening the airproof can;
2. Open the mussel and take out the pearl with care;
3. Pick up the necklace and unlock the pendant
4. Put the pearl into the pendant then enjoy your happiness.


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